About Me

I work as a Senior Art Director at Cossette, Strategy Magazine’s Canadian Agency of the Year 2016.

Being in a creative field has always been what I wanted to do. Since scribbling my first work of art on the family sofa, I now make ads that even my mum can be proud of. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s biggest brands and surround myself with world-class talent.

There are many aspects of this crazy career that I love, but collaborating with a team of talented people as we tackle challenges, solve puzzles and tell stories is easily the most satisfying. Seeing a team, across all departments solve a problem together is an inspiring way to spend a work day — creativity definitely doesn’t end with the creatives!

With a background in graphic design, and over 10 years working in a creative field I have learned the intricacies of many crafts. Whether I am working on traditional, digital or with cutting edge media, I love to test the limits of the medium and add more skills to my arsenal. It’s never been more important for Art Directors to keep up with a media landscape so prone to earthquakes!

Outside of advertising, I can be found skiing (if you can spot me in the Harmony chair line-up), playing soccer (if goalkeeper counts as playing), painting (with big dreams of a post-apocalyptic graphic novel) or slowly ticking off my travel bucket list (next up, Africa).


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